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Fit-Lab Bike Fitting & Functional Movement Screening Services



Piermont Bike's state-of-the-art, computer-controlled GURU DYNAMIC FIT UNIT™ (DFU™) adjusts your riding position in real-time to maximize your comfort and efficiency.


A good bike fit offers a range of benefits to both professional and amateur cyclists, helping them achieve their goals. They can:

  • Help minimize stresses on muscles and joints
  • Improve comfort and avoid overuse injuries
  • Improve how the bike corners by ensuring the rider’s weight is correctly distributed on the bike
  • Ensure that the rider can easily operate the brakes and gears
  • Increase your speed by optimizing your power output, pedaling efficiency and aerodynamics

Comprehensive Fit: 4 hours $350.00 (GURU Fit Bike)

Find the optimal position for comfort and power on the bicycle (Includes all services of bike sizing)

  • Client Interview with pre-intake questionnaire
  • Full body measurement
  • Flexibility assessment
  • Functional & structural testing to determine leg length discrepancy (LLD)
  • Bio-mechanical efficiency, wattage output, and pedaling efficiency
  • Saddle assessment and trial   
  • Advanced pedal/shoe interface set-up including wedges and pedal washers (20mm extenders $20.00)
  • Saddle trial and assessment 
  • Follow-up visit to verify fit work and make any corrective actions


  • X/Y coordinates for handlebar and saddle
  • Saddle height
  • Saddle setback
  • Saddle to bar 
  • Bar width 
  • Reach to levers
  • Crank arm length recommendation
  • Before and after Multimedia attachments 
  • Recommended bicycles based on fit metrics.

Bike Sizing:  1 hour $125.00 (Trainer Based)

Take the noise out of the decision-making process and truly find the bike that will work best for you.  

  • Client Interview:
    • Riding history.
    • What kind of bike you are interested in.
    • Your goals and aspirations on the bike
    • Previous injuries and current fit issues
    • Budget 
  • Bike Selection and Setup:
    • Body measurements 
    • Pedal/shoe interface setup and adjustment (neutral)
    • Saddle height (F.I.S.T protocol)
    • Saddle fore-aft (K.O.P.S)
    •  Adjustment of stem length to comfort position
  • Reports:
    • Stem length and rise
    • Handlebar width
    • Saddle height
    • Saddle fore-aft 
    • Lever reach position
    • Stack and reach

Contact Point Assessment 1 hour $100.00 (Trainer Based)

  • Saddle evaluation (test up to 2 different saddles)
  • Handlebar evaluation
  • Saddle adjustment height and setback 
  • Basic cleat adjustment

Functional Movement Screen 1 hour $100.00

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a pre-participation screening tool designed to identify compensatory movement patterns that are indicative of increased injury risk and inefficient movement that causes reduced performance.

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