Myth: Most of this new fit stuff is just high-tech geegaws; the old-school Eddy Merckx/Greg LeMond/etc. approach is all you need.
Reality: A lot of the old chestnuts about bike fit—aligning the front of the knee over the pedal spindle, for instance—don’t hold true anymore, if they ever did.

Myth: I can change equipment without having to change my fit.
Reality: Pay close attention to part swaps—some matter far more than others.

Myth: I only need to get fitted on one bike and can transfer that to all my other bikes
Reality: True, but only some of the time.

Myth: If I get a bike fit once, that fit is my proper fit for life.
Reality: Fit changes over time as our bodies, equipment, and riding styles change.

Myth: My bike fit should be adapted to my technique, not the other way around.
Reality: Bike fit should take your technique into account, but if you’re doing something wrong, no fit will fix the problem; you need to change your technique.


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