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Bike Fitting, Personal Training, Custom Foot Orthotics

Improving Your Relationship with Fitness, and Cycling

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A good bike fit offers a range of benefits to both professional and amateur cyclists, helping them achieve their goals. They can:

  • Help minimize stress on muscles and joints.

  • Improve comfort and avoid overuse injuries!

  • Improve how the bike corners by ensuring the rider’s weight is correctly distributed on the bike.

  • Ensure that the rider can easily operate the brakes and gears.

  • Increase your speed by optimizing your power output, pedaling efficiency, and aerodynamics.

Fit-Lab staff combines over 25 years of expertise in cycling and skiing with 20+ years in critical care, medical transport and Functional Movement Screening. We employ a holistic approach, utilizing GURU dynamic fit bikes, Ekib 3D motion capture, and LEOMO technologies for precise data collection in-studio and real-world settings.

International Bike Fitting Institute Certified Level 4 Professional

IBFI Certification Level 4 is reserved for the best educated and most-experienced fitters.
• Requires a minimum of 1600 fits experience
• Reserved for fitters at the top of their profession, with the highest knowledge base expected of a bike fitter
• Peer-reviewed and evidence that a fitter is considered to be one of the best in the world
Level 4 Certification is achieved by accruing a minimum of 480 credits and the experience of 1600 fits, which shows the highest level of understanding and knowledge. Level 4 certified fitters act as mentors to other candidates to help them through their path to accreditation.


Discover the Power of Custom Orthotics for Cycling

Custom orthotics are a game-changer for cyclists, offering a myriad of benefits to enhance your riding experience. By providing optimal support and alignment, custom orthotics help alleviate pressure points, reduce fatigue, and enhance pedaling efficiency. They promote proper biomechanics, reducing the risk of injury and discomfort during long rides. Additionally, custom orthotics can address specific foot issues such as pronation or supination, ensuring a comfortable and stable platform for optimal power transfer. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to improved performance with custom orthotics tailored to your unique foot structure and cycling needs.

Personal training / Corrective Exercise Services: 

We believe in the power of targeted training to unleash your true athletic prowess. Our approach revolves around the principle that 'strong fixes wrong,' emphasizing the importance of building strength to correct imbalances and enhance performance. We understand that joint position dictates muscle function, which is why our tailored training programs focus on optimizing alignment and muscular activation.



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