5 Best Mountain Bikes in the USA


The bike riders are always hunting for the best all mountain bikes for their journey. Many manufacturers are bringing compelling models with great features that are irresistible.


We have curated the list of the best all mountain bikes in the market to make your decision easier. Getting a new bike needs an investment of time, effort, and a lot of research. This list might save you that.


What are the best mountain bikes in the USA?

We have taken account of the best features, functions, and usage in the below list:

1. Santa Cruz Hightower 2 AL 29 R

The geometry of this bike is highly adjustable, updated, and has a unique design. The Santa Cruz Hightower 2 AL 29 R is an all-in-one trail bike. With the VPP suspension it provides great stability in speed that ensures great performance to the riders. Some benefits are:


  • Higher stability
  • Adaptable to various terrain styles
  • Strong suspension
  • Adjustable geometry


The frame is strong enough to run a lifetime. You also get a room to store a water bottle. With simpler installation it helps to keep you protected and enjoy your rides.

2. Yeti SB130 CLR XT

This is perfect for a mid-travel slayer that can be used for daily travel. Whether the rider requires fast, flow trails, rolling, or head out for normal trails, this Yeti bike has you covered. The bike is perfect to crush on big terrains. Some benefits of investing in this are:


  • Great performance
  • Capable of riding on any trail
  • Highly versatile and efficient
  • Comfortable for the rider


If you are looking on an online cycle shop for a balanced trail bike that can climb effortlessly, this is the bike you should get. This might be costly but give you the best features and functions. It has the ability to provide infinite suspension.

3. GT M eForce Current

The bike is known to be providing great performance to the riders. The tubeless tires provide great traction and reliable brakes that have strong stopping power. Some best reasons to invest in the bike:


  • Playful, simple, and comfortable
  • All-round performance
  • Outstanding and clean structure
  • Integrated battery


The structure is capable of handling a bit of rocky and technical terrain. The force is known to be anyone who needs to start charging into the trails.

4. Pivot Mach 4 SL Race X01 29" Performance DPS


The bike is made specifically for athletes that needs to ride on technical courses. Engineers have put great efforts to help the bicycle generate great speed and performance. With optimized tube shape, compact frame design, materials, and strength allows it to ride anywhere. Great advantages of this bike are:


  • Sharp accelerations
  • Steep and faster climbs
  • Steeper seat angle
  • Cutting edge performance


You need to look for the best prices for the bike from various manufacturers and online store. Just ensure that you get the best fit for your height and structure.

5. Juliana Rubion 4 C MX R

This is an ideal bike for the mountains. The structure ensures that you would be safe in harsh weathers. The wheels provide great stability and confidence to the rider. When it comes to power and control it becomes a great choice. It is perfect for the slightly lighter riders. Some advantages that riders enjoy are:


  • Strong front suspension
  • Fat bike to travel in any condition
  • Fun on mixed trails


The weight of the bicycle makes it effortless on long journeys. It comes in various lengths for the size frame XS, S, and M.

How to choose the right mountain bike?

The best method to begin is by acknowledging everything that lines up with your priorities. Let us give you some facts, information, and questions to consider while buying a bike:


  • No Bike is Good at EVERYTHING


There are few bikes that give you everything you demand on the list. There are high chances of making a small compromise to get the best one.


  • Why do you want a bike?


To ride on huge descents, single track, steeps, climbs, or daily commute? The more you prioritize the aspect, the easier it is to get the best all-mountain bike for a smoother journey.


  • What is your budget?


Good bikes might cost you a fortune. So, it is better to have a budget to know the target range for bikes.


  • Choose 2 out of 3


A bike can be durable, cheaper, light-weighted, or excellent performing. It is on you to prioritize the features based on your usage. This will make your journey sweet and enjoyable.


  • What are the regular trails of your ride?


Whether it is flat, smooth, steep, rocky, or climbs. Choose the bike based on the trails you will be riding it on. Many best mountain bikes give you a great performance based on the trails they are used on.


  • Invest where it matters


The bike accessories like fork, wheels and rear shock help improve the ride's quality. So, even if you feel it is a bit costly, it is worth the investment.


  • Get the right size


Do not just trust the stated size as it varies on the brands. Get the proper measure to know if it will give you comfort during the ride.


  • The Suspension setup


The easy tweaks of suspension bring a huge difference in the rides. Set a proper preference of suspension you expect from the bike.


The final thing you must do while getting the best all-mountain bike is to Know Thyself. There are many models available in the market, so get your priorities set to avoid confusion.

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